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Frequently asked question’s

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions, however if you can not see the answer you are looking for please contact us via the contact form above and one of the team will be in touch with you.

  • Nexus has two solutions; Nexus for Healthcare and Nexus for Work.

    Nexus for Healthcare 

    Nexus works with private and public healthcare organisations who provide care directly to patients. These organisations are hospitals, clinics, GP practices, pharmacies or healthcare insurers. Nexus works with healthcare organisations to compliment the medical care a patient receives or as part of their health insurance package.

    Nexus for Work 

    Nexus works with corporate organisations who directly employ a workforce. Nexus provides a digital solution to employees at home and in the workplace empowering them to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

  • At Nexus our key USP is customisation. Nexus works with organisations to customise and tailor the features and content of our digital platform to ensure it meets the needs of the end-user.

  • Currently our platform is only available by mobile app, however we are working hard to get our web app up and running. Keep tuned to find out more.

  • Our platform is currently available in English and Arabic, however our platform can be translated into any other language.

  • We work with organisations on a licensing model – organisations pay a monthly or annual licence to have access to our product.