Nexus for Work

The Nexus for Work Corporate Wellness Program is designed to meet the needs of all employers.


Nexus Community

The Nexus community provides employees access to a regulated platform where they can share experiences, seek peer-to-peer advice and connect with like-minded people. 


Education Hub

The education hub provides employees with the latest information and tools through videos and blogs to increase knowledge and understanding of their health and wellbeing. 

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Innovative products and services

Employees can access services and activities via a service directory of wellbeing themes. These services can be made up of services offered by an employer, services in the community or other free services.


Virtual Health Coaching

Virtual health coaching is available to all employees to support them to engage with the platform and identify goals, set a wellbeing plan and signpost to in-app services. 

What problems can Nexus’ Corporate Wellness Programs solve for me?

Increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism

Nexus provides employees with access to educative tools and information to support them to look after their health and manage their emotional wellbeing.

Reduce employee health insurance claims

Nexus increases employee knowledge and understanding of health and wellbeing. Nexus promotes self-care reducing the number of insurance claims.

Real-time data to understand financial efficiencies

Nexus provides organisations with real-time data and intelligence to support them to understand their return on investment of health and wellbeing initiatives.

Enables employees to build peer-to-peer support networks

Nexus provides a community platform where employees can share experiences, seek peer-to-peer advice and connect with like-minded people.

Provide intelligence for future decisions on healthcare

Nexus provides organisations with key themes and trends which enables the understanding of behaviours within the workforce and influence future decision-making about employee support programmes.

Promote a happy and healthy workforce

Nexus provides organisations and employees with an innovative digital health and wellbeing solution to inspire life-long behaviour change.

How do Nexus’ Corporate Wellness Programs work?

Nexus is tailored to the requirements of the specific workforce, the platform delivers employee benefits and operational efficiencies. As employees interact with the app’s services, they are empowered to engage in their health and wellbeing, providing efficiency and service excellence.

Customise our platform for your organisation

We work with corporate organisations and their employees to customise our digital platform. We co-design the features and content within our digital platform to ensure they meet the needs of employees, as we know that personalisation is the key to success.

Employees access our personalised digital platform

Employees have access to our personalised digital platform, supporting them at home and in the workplace. Our platform enables employees to increase their knowledge and understanding of their health and to be empowered to access support that is right for them.

Use the admin panel to access real-time data

Corporate organisations have access to the Nexus admin panel that captures real-time data from our employee-facing digital platform. The admin panel enables organisations to monitor key themes and trends within their workforce and understand the return on investment of our initiative.

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What people are saying about Nexus?

We have partnered with some of the global leaders in health and wellbeing. Here is what they are saying about us.


Boston Scientific are committed to supporting the development of a considered and effective ‘post prostate-cancer survivorship care pathway’ with NHS Guys and St Thomas’s Foundation Trust. Nexus represents an ideal platform to manage the interactions between healthcare providers and patients necessary to make this program a success.

Ed Holyoak
Boston Scientific

At Healthcare World we see a lot of ideas for digital innovation come and go but Nexus provision of a single application through which you can access a wide variety of other digital technology removing the need for a customer to download multiple apps seems to us to be the absolute cornerstone of the expected digital health revolution.

Steve Gardener
Healthcare World Magazine

Katerina Karniadaki
Palladion Rehabilitation

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