ECHAlliance Recognition

December 2019

ECHAlliance Member NEXUS Digital Technology CEO wins Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award 2019

NEXUS are delighted to announce that their CEO, Mona Hayat MBA MSC MBACP UKRCP FNCS has won the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award 2019 from the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare. Mona attended the award ceremony in Dubai last month and is pictured with her award below.

Mona says:

It was an absolute honour to receive this award. After 25 years in the NHS, I wanted to build a company that transforms the quality and efficiency of local healthcare systems by shifting the balance from medical interventions to digitalised well-being, prevention, and early intervention.”

Our solution is the distribution of digital tokens allowing real time transparency and tracking of user health and wellbeing choices enabled through blockchain technology.

Our ambition is to education the global healthcare sector into understanding that we need a paradigm shift from undertaking traditional ways of making savings to one where we focus on patient behaviour and empowerment to achieve long-term sustainability

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