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NEXUS is an app for everyone

The NEXUS social prescribing platform is for everyone regardless of age, health, lifestyle, culture, race or environment.

NEXUS empowers you to take control of your health and wellbeing providing you with an easy to use app that enables you to access services in your community that are right for you.

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Easy to use
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Voice activation
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Customisable alerts
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Connectivity to home devices

Let’s work out what’s right for you

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A breadth of wellbeing and healthcare partners and services

Get tested quicker & faster

Let's Get Checked

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Fast access to therapists for stress + anxiety

My Nurva

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A wellbeing partner for life

ISOS Health

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Health + wellbeing behaviour change experts

Younger Lives

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Video calling wellbeing support


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Accurate DNA testing


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Soon you will be able to access

Wellbeing Services
Wellbeing Services
Fitness Services
Fitness Services
Pet Therapy
Pet Therapy
Lifestyle Services
Lifestyle Services

Services coming soon

Get access to free healthcare and wellbeing focused blogs

Blogs Resource

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Soon you will be able to connect with others around the world

International Community Boards

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Safe and secure with innovative ledger technology

The NEXUS app uses the latest in Blockchain technology, partnering with supermoney.co to ensure that all your data and information is safe and secure from cyber security threats.

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NEXUS Survey

Take part in our online survey and tell us how you look after your health and wellbeing

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