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Social prescribing is a way of bringing together communities and partners, and offering a holistic proactive approach to individuals health and wellbeing.

Investment from multiple collaborations is integral to building community-based activities to work alongside medical treatment and personalised care.

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Get tested quicker & faster

Let's Get Checked

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Fast access to therapists for stress + anxiety

My Nurva

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A wellbeing partner for life

ISOS Health

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Health + wellbeing behaviour change experts

Younger Lives

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Video calling wellbeing support


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Accurate DNA testing


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Healthcare Partners

A platform that lets you virtually visit doctors and other care providers in minutes

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One of London's leading acute trusts

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Transforms lives through innovative medical solutions

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“NEXUS is by far the best social prescribing platform. We are excited to be part of this movement. It is definitely the right time to create digital communities that take the pressure off our burdened healthcare industries.”

Sonya Kapur, Dragon Gateway

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